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We welcome you aboard the USS Ark Royal, designation NCC-30951.

We are a Steamrunner class vessel, with a crew compliment of 270.

We were commissioned by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to serve in the Gamma Quadrant.
Our missions include the following:

Search, Rescue and Repair
This includes standard and emergency starship repair, POW/MIA investigations, and deep space EVA.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal
This includes mine sweeping, hunting, recovery, and disarmament, warhead assembly and disarmament, and special operations involving demolitions.

Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
This includes ferrying medical, food, clothing, and other supplies necessary to aid in the preservation of life in the event of an emergency on any scale.

Terrestrial Construction
This includes structural engineering and the coordination of building and materials, including Starfleet, colony, relocation and habitat settlement capabilities.

An ad-hoc term for any unspecified mission that would fall under the purveyance of the United Federation of Planets, SCE, or the outlines provided above.

Active Mission: Re-wound.
When the ship's technology is sent back almost a thousand years, how will the crew cope, and repair the ship? Or will they have to survive like this forever?

We are an affiliate ship of the Star Trek RPG Megiddo

A link to the game, and other links, can be found on our links page.


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